The most widely used epoxies are the glycidyl ether derivatives of bisphenol A (DGEBA). High chemical and corrosion resistance, good mechanical and thermal properties, outstanding adhesion to various substrates, low shrinkage upon cure, flexibility, good electrical properties and ability to be processed under a variety of conditions are characteristics of DGEBA resins. However one major drawback is their poor resistance to impact and crack initiation. Consequently, there is a need to improve the fracture toughness and impact resistance while maintaining desirable properties. Various approaches to toughening include the addition of a second phase consisting of polymeric materials like rubbers and thermoplastics and reinforcement using high strength fibres.My research  broadly aims at investigating and optimising new as well as reported techniques for modifying epoxy resins.


  • Modifications of DGEBA Resins
  • Polymer Blends
  • Nano Materials

Research Projects

  • UGC minor research project

    Glass reinforced siloxane modified DGEBA for high strength application

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